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Launching early 2018.

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What does change mean to you?

A place for lawyers of every kind to understand their career options and connect with innovative firms, market leaders and disruptive organisations. Change is all about organisations that share your values and can help you have the career you want now or in the future.

All your options

Law firms, #newlaw, In-House teams, Legal Technology and legal service providers, and forward thinking companies.

Anyway you want

Full time, part time, contract, or "gig" roles around the world. The way we work is changing, BB Change is all about embracing it. 

Help if you need it

Our free comprehensive job change course! Make a great move to a role that aligns with your values. 

I'm keen hook me up. 

Join now free and get access as soon as we are live in 2018. 

So what do you get as a free member once we launch?

  • A free platform to connect with firms around the world, legal technology companies, legal service providers, in-house teams and corporates "outside" law. 
  • Answer the "but what are my options" question with a heap of free information and content.
  • See every option for you. Full time, part time, contracting or freelance. Local, international and everything in between. 
  • Identify outstanding employers with the BB Certified Employer stamp.

Take the stress out of changing jobs!

Between now and launch we'll send you:
  • A comprehensive CV preparation guide to help you put your best foot forward. 
  • A values and strengths activity book to make sure your next move aligns with your goals. 
  • Our best in market 30 page legal interview guide. There is nothing more important than great preparation so we want to help you make sure you do your best. 

But what do you mean free?

We're on a mission to help lawyers connect with better opportunities. While we will have a paid career management service soon, we understand that's not for everyone so we wanted to make sure access to all jobs and our job change guide was free. If you just want to use our platform for that, we're glad we could be of service.

Career Management and 1-1 help.

We haven't forgotten about everyone that wants a more personalised service or wants to be part of our exclusive community of legal innovators. Later in 2018 we'll be launching options to work with us as your personal career managers. Drop us an email at [email protected] to find out about one on one career management with Mike & Maciek. More details to come soon!


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