We make innovators + disrupters into market leaders.

Connect, collaborate and grow your business.

Beyond Billables. A service for law firms, legal service providers, technology startups, and progressive organisations.


Is growing your business important to you?

If so there's a secret we'll let you in on... connection, and collaboration are key. In fact, winning new work, building your team and growing your business are all dependent on connection and collaboration... For many firms they've chased the work instead of chasing the right connections. We're going to fix that and have the right people chase you.

So, how do we do that you ask?

Collaboration and partnership

We all want more business partnerships, referrals and collaborations. So we've created an exclusive network of legal innovators, lawyers and startup founders. Meet-ups, masterminds, events and online forums - we'll bring you together and help you build a network where opportunity flourishes.

A standout employer brand that attracts 

Are you focused on attracting clients and didn't even realise your employer brand was important too? Your brand is key to attracting new employees, contractors and clients. How can you lead or disrupt anything without a great brand? We'll amplify your brand throughout the industry, create content that resonates and use our platform to make you really standout so people and clients chase you! 

Easy, cost effective hiring + connection.  

Our platform, Beyond Billables Change, will let you hire and connect with the best lawyers now and for the future. Hire for specific needs, or build your database of connections.  All at less than 50% of the cost of the old expensive process. We've thrown the old way out and replaced it with connection and opportunity.

Save money, retain your people and deliver on your values.

Losing people is so incredibly expensive!! Your team join for the work but stay for the workplace. We'll help you deliver on your values to retain your best people, save money on employee turnover, and have a better internal culture that delivers on your values.  

So, who are we?

Mike & Maciek have over 25 years' combined experience helping hundreds of lawyers and firms around the world. As former lawyers and recruiters they know what attracts and motivates, why people choose different options, and how you can stand out. They've been trusted advisers to firms including Linklaters, Slaughter and May, Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance and Skadden, and have a passion to share that experience with the new wave of legal innovators to help them grow into market leaders.


Get in touch and we'll come back with all the details, have a chat and tailor a solution just for your organisation.


Sneak peak! Believe in the power of collaboration?

Be part of "BB Connect" an exclusive group designed for connection and collaboration to help facilitate and nurture new business opportunities. Events, meet-ups, masterminds, strategy sessions and an online community. This is not merely a get together, this is engineering opportunity to grow your business. Collaboration, partnerships and sharing are absolutely critical to growing your business into a market leader.


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