Need help moving your career to the next level?

Free stuff not quite enough right? For a lot of people getting a helping hand, being part of a community and leveraging off opportunity and connection is hugely important. We wanted to bring it all together in a simple membership offering, while providing options for lawyers looking to make their personal brand really stand out. 


What you get

Connection + Community

Collaboration is powerful right? Community and connection is pretty damn important too? Yup. We think so as well so we've created BB Connect.

Come for amazing speakers, to learn something and improve your career, or just to hang out and get support from our awesome community! We'll be running quarterly webinars, events and a variety of relaxed meet-ups throughout the year. Get together, learn and tap into the power of the group. 

Advice + learning

We all want to get ahead but make sure we don't sacrifice our health or relationships rightt? We've designed a number of online programs you can do in your own time to help you be a healthier, happier and more fulfilled professional.

The programs all last at least 6 weeks (but you will get a year to access all the content!). Presently we aim to launch two new programs in early 2018. 

Build your brand

Want to stand out for all the right reasons? Want to become invaluable? It's absolutely critical to put your best foot forward so we'll help by helping paint you in the best possible light. Whether it's a great cv or great linkedin profile we're here to help. You'll see we are giving a way a lot of DIY content to improve people's profiles, but for members we'll help you each step of the way. Get feedback, our input and create a great personal brand. 

Your personal manager

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own career manager? Someone in your corner to help with all those tricky career choices with your best interest at heart? Someone to help you negotiate an offer or progress your career? We want to work with you to help you improve your career (and life!) and give you a true trusted advisor for each major decision in your career. Some of the areas we will help with include:

  • Review time advice and strategy to get the best deal you can and position yourself moving forward.
  • Help working through your options and making a plan if you're considering a change.
  • Help creating a business plan if you're looking to progress or move your business to another firm
  • Help organising your life to get more balance
    and connection to our partners to help where you need it.
  • Help creating a career plan every year, setting goals and moving ahead in whatever direction you choose. 

Connection + Community

As a Connect member you'll have up to a dozen different opportunities each year to connect, learn and leverage opportunity.

Quarterly BB Connect Events

In 2018 we'll be holding events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne over the course of the year featuring numerous speakers and the chance to network. All Connect members can also bring a friend completely free! We'll put at least two great speakers in the room, provide lots of drinks and food and guarantee a good time!  


What isn't there to love about webinars? We're going to put at least four on next year exclusively for Connect members. We'll bring in guest speakers and deal with topics like Building your personal brand, Intrapreneurship, and Stealing back time. If you can't make it you'll get a link to replay at your leisure. 

Social Meet-ups

Mike & Maciek don't really like formalities, but we do like putting great people together. So over the course of the year we will run "beer and pizza", "coffee and donuts" catchups in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Come together, ask lots of questions, and be part of the movement. We'll also have numerous podcast guests along if you are keen to put a face to the audio! 

Pre-launch Pricing Options

There's only two of us so we can only offer so many people our help. Lock in a lifetime rate for the first 10 Gold and Platinum members. That's it, we're offering a huge lifetime discount for our first 10 supporters and then it goes up.

Connect Silver



BB Connect membership and up to 12 in person and online events each year.

Bring a friend or contact for free and knock over your BD for the quarter!

Invitation to our online community, forums and exclusive content. 

50% discount to our online programs. 



Connect Gold



3 x one on one consulting sessions during the year

BB Connect membership, with quarterly meet-ups, webinars and events. Bring a contact for free and knock over your BD for the quarter!

Invitation to our closed online community and forums.

Personalised CV update prepared with us. 

Access to one of our premium online programs each year valued at over $700.


Connect Platinum



4 x one on one consulting sessions during the year. 

Full personal branding service including creation of personal website, photography and copy. 

A profile building photography session with one of Australia's leading photographers. 

4 pieces of written blog content to build your brand during the year.

BB Connect membership, with quarterly meet-ups, webinars and events. 

Invitation to our closed online community and forums.

Personalised CV update prepared with us. 

Access to all of our premium online programs each year. 


Personalised Branding and Marketing - For Platinum members

Are you a senior lawyer that really wants to stand out? A barrister who wants to attract work? A sole practitioner who wants to get more clients? We'll help you craft your brand, stand out and attract more work.  A new personal website, linkedin overhaul, help creating content.. hell we'll help you produce a podcast if you ask real nice. 


Why us?

Mike & Maciek have over 25 years' combined experience helping hundreds of lawyers and firms around the world. They have a passion for helping lawyers of all levels progress their career, while having a life at the same time. They've been trusted advisers to firms including Linklaters, Slaughter and May, Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance and Skadden, and are now sharing their experience with lawyers looking for something better.

How valuable is our help?

For the last 13 years we've been helping people take the next step up in their career in over 30 different countries. Whether that's a new role, getting a better deal, or just being able to manage the rigours of practice and life. On the job front we've done our best work in the background to get great deals for people. How good? Well most of the time the people we help don't even know how much extra we've been able to get them. Put it this way, we know when to ask, what to ask for, and how to manage any move. Doing it this way we can be in your corner exclusively each step of the way. It's critical to manage a process properly so you get the best deal, and you join in the best circumstances. Actually the circumstances are far more important so you can hit the ground running and exceed expectations. We'll share our knowledge with you without any conflicts of interest as we'll only be working for you. Beyond that we will help you set realistic and achievable goals, help keep you on track, and be a sounding board for all those difficult situations. 

Having helped the largest and most difficult firms, we know how to negotiate, we know how to make sure everyone is happy with outcomes, and we know how to mange it all. 

Wouldn't you like us in your corner?


A free online program each year!

Get access to one of our online programs each year for free. Whether you want to build resilience, learn how to progress better, or how to be a healthier, happier lawyer, we've created a huge amount of content you can access over the year. 


Personalised Branding and Marketing for Platinum Members

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Mike & Maciek